Why Us


Tap into our extensive network

- ACCESS: relationships with China’s largest companies and state-owned enterprises;
- FUNDING: partnerships with major venture capital firms, angel investors and incubators;
- SUPPORT: cooperation agreements with various provincial and city governments;
- EXPOSURE: free or heavily discounted access to events, conferences and exhibitions across the country.


An exceptional team at your disposal

- INTIMATE CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE allows us to smoothly navigate both market and boardroom with your stakeholders at heart;
- EFFORTLESSLY OVERCOME language barriers with our native communications experts;
- WINNING STRATEGIES, informed by our successful first-hand experience, will be built to ensure effective market entry;
- BROKER EXPERTLY with our team by your side, be it for facilitating investment, negotiating a complex merger or resolving conflict between parties;
- TACKLE COMPLEX CHALLENGES with bold and creative solutions from our finely honed and vastly experienced tight-knit unit.


Choose a model that works for you


Become your permanent partner and commercial arm in China and beyond.

Engagement Fee: Strategy, research and localisation development


Local Equity: 10% of the Chinese subsidiary that has been created


Global Equity: 5% of the parent company after a specific target is met


Become your temporary partner and commercial arm in China and beyond.

Resource Fee: Full access to our extensive network and resources


Retainer Fee: Our team of consultants become at your disposal


Commission: 5% of every partnership or deal we broker on your behalf


In special circumstances, we can combine different elements of our core models 

Reduced Fees: Discounted quarterly resource and retainer fees


Reduced Equity: Lower stakes in both of the subsidiaries


Commission: 2.5% commission of every deal we broker on your behalf