Why Us?

Local Knowledge

With locations in both Britain and China, we have feet on the ground in either market, maintaining direct contact to ensure all our knowledge is up-to-the-minute and gathered first hand. Being immersed in both environments, you can be sure our advice is accurate, our strategies relevant and can expect a tangible impact as a result. Why Serica Consulting

As two separate legal entities, we have a wealth of experience tackling the laws and regulations within both regions, as well as the necessities involved with maintaining a working relationship with China’s various government organisations and officials. We are also perfectly placed to roll with the punches regarding the rapid changes that can take place, be they political and regulatory, or simply shifts in the market. This practical knowledge has proved invaluable in being able to guide our clients through what can be choppy waters for the uninitiated.

Joint Expertise

With offices in London and Hangzhou, we have been able to utilise the strengths and weaknesses of both labour markets. In doing so, we have established an outstanding team of experts from across China and Europe specialising in inter-cultural communication, with every member bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective industries and markets.

Our recruits are almost exclusively bi-lingual, with experience of living in both the west and China, before we develop their skills further with rigorous cross-cultural training. Our position in both markets has meant we have been able to develop a proven track record for bringing in experts that bolster our staff, who operate as a culturally-unified team throughout – a rarity in large companies across both the west and China. With their unique blend of experience, perspectives and expertise, this means we can provide services that would not be possible without such a well-knit unit. Why Serica Consulting

Tailored To You

With such a wide-ranging spectrum of services, we are able to offer a catalogue of solutions which intrinsically work in harmony with each other, while hitting the precise goals you want to achieve. Whatever you come in search of – from training to interpreting, branding to recruitment, translation to marketing – we will endeavour to craft and hone the perfect package of resources to suit your needs.

Before we sign any contract, we will develop a deep understanding of your company, exploring the ins and outs of your targets, budget and timeframe, as well as the makeup of your business, to ensure what we’re offering ticks every box possible. Once every one is in alignment, we will map out an intricate plan built on this understanding to provide a wholly unique recipe, crafted from all our various resources, designed specifically for your tastes. Why Serica Consulting