Working as your local partner we develop and execute winning strategies to enable you to enter the market with confidence. Whether you are an up-and-coming start-up, an SME looking to take the next step or a large corporation looking to shake up the market we ensure you take the rights steps to hit the ground running and make your vision a reality.

Our Process

Serica’s 8 step process forges you a clear and safe path to market


Initial Consultation

We get to know your business, core offerings, vision and core team as well as your goals, budget and timeframes.


Market Research

Taking market, financial and legal hurdles into account, we conduct detailed research to determine your best market entry point.


Due Diligence

Practical advice and assistance to help you through the bureaucracy and regulatory hurdles needed to do business legally and safely.


Begin Localisation Process

We develop a short- and long-term strategy to localise your business model, product/service, brand and marketing assets to the Chinese market.


Gain Government Support

You’ll be connected with the local government to apply for the various grants, subsidies and legal support given to innovative foreign companies.


Develop Local Partnerships

We utilise our extensive network of investors, corporate partners and SOE’s to get you funding and/or partnerships to accelerate your business.


Broker Commercial Deals

While helping you gain investment and partnerships, we organise and broker high net deals (with or on your behalf) with your ideal target customers.


Grow and Consolidate

Grow your business with the confidence of knowing you have our team’s capabilties and resources at your disposal via equity or retainer.

Your commercial arm

Whether you’re new to the market or an established player, we broker the deals that you need to grow your business.

Market Access

Negotiate with the relevant government departments to create clear paths towards regulatory approval.

Strategy and Planning - Serica Consulting - Market Research
Strategic Partnerships

Approach potential allies in a given ecosystem and develop mutually beneficial partnership agreements.

Strategy and Planning - Serica Consulting - Grow & Consolidate
VC Investment

Identify, qualify and engage with investors to broker large investments for startups of all shapes and sizes.

Strategy and Planning - Serica Consulting - Broker Deals
Commercial Deals

Research customers, contact decision makers and close deals with private and state-owned companies.

Strategy and Planning - Serica Consulting - Develop Local Partnerships
Mergers & Acquisitions

Facilitate, mediate and negotiate complex merger and acquisitions across the country in a variety of industries.

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