Strategy & Planning

Business in China is a world away from the west, the language barrier, cultural differences and contrasting professional practices can make doing business here intimidating, even to the most experienced professionals and multinational companies. Acting as your local partner, we develop and execute winning strategies that incorporate all the factors needed to succeed in this burgeoning market. Whatever stage of growth your business is at, we will enable you to localise your approach, improve your internal capabilities, build partnerships on the ground and craft the tools you need to successfully traverse this growing landscape.

Our Process

Serica Consulting’s tried and tested 6 step method gives enables you to effectively expand your business to China

Initial Analysis

We get to know your business, core offerings and team as well as your goals, budget and timeframe.

Market Research

Taking market, financial and legal hurdles into account, we conduct detailed research to determine your best market entry point.

Due Diligence

You’ll get practical advice and assistance to help you breeze through the bureaucracy and red tape needed to do business legally and safely.

Begin Localisation

We develop a short- and long-term strategy to localise your brand, product/service, business model, marketing assets and management practices.

Develop Local Partnerships

You’ll be connected with the local government to apply for support. Then meetings with potential investors and local partners will be arranged to help accelerate your growth.

Grow & Consolidate

Grow your business with the confidence of knowing our team of experts are at your disposal via a retainer or on a project-by-project basis.

Strategy & Planning - Serica Consulting - Business in China - Local Partner
Your perfect local partner

Combining local knowledge, experience and resources, along with our extensive local network our team of consultants enable companies of all sizes to thrive in China. Whether you are an up-and-coming tech start-up, an SME looking to take the next step or a large corporation looking to shake up the Chinese market, we ensure you take the right steps to hit the ground running and outpace your competition. Ready to plot your course?