Chinese Marketing Collateral

 Visually stunning and intelligently designed marketing assets

Stand out from the crowd with customised marketing collateral designed to strike a chord with a Chinese audience. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can design almost anything you can think of. Give us a try! Chinese marketing collateral. 

What we create

Serica Careers - Serica Consulting - Recruiters
Business Cards

Bi-lingual business cards specifically designed for the Chinese market

Chinese marketing collateral - Brochures
Brochures and Flyers

Visually stunning and meticulously designed brochures and flyers

Chinese marketing collateral - Stationery

Make a statement with branded stationery and letterheads

Chinese marketing collateral - Presentations

Elegantly designed PowerPoint presentations and PDFs, enabling you to pitch with confidence

Chinese marketing collateral - Exhibition-Stands
Exhibition Stands

Watch your brand rise above the competition at your next exhibition or conference

Serica Careers - Serica Consulting - Marketing Department

Unique and enticing adverts that clearly convey your message and communicate your brand

Chinese marketing collateral - Packaging

Attractive, informative and spatially conscious product and packaging designs

Serica Careers - Serica Consulting - Creative Department
Custom Graphics

Visualise complex information clearly with our unique and fully customisable graphics

Chinese marketing collateral-Clothing

Empower your brand ambassadors with fashionable and branded clothing