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With over 850 million speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world and, for many, stands as the first major obstacle to overcome when conducting business in mainland China. Infamous for its complexity, it is often the pronunciation (five different tones) people view as the most intimidating. But, it is in fact, the vast number of cultural references riddled through it, more than 3000 years worth, that makes it one of the most complicated languages to understand and converse effectively in. Chinese interpreting

Therefore, hiring the right interpreter is the key to effective communication and, ultimately, the success of your business endeavours. However, the importance and complexity of this vital process are all too often underestimated. Many companies mistakenly hire unqualified and inexperienced personnel – more often than not resulting in some very costly mistakes. We eliminate those worries, providing reliable and professional interpreting services to those conducting business with Chinese companies and individuals. Chinese interpreting


Interpreting Services

We take a consultative approach with every client to ensure they are matched with an interpreter whose knowledge and experience matches their requirements.


A private chaperone to accompany groups or individuals to various exhibitions, field trips or factory tours. In addition to providing basic interpreting chaperones can organise transportation, accommodation, meals and assist with any other basic daily tasks you may require.

Prices start from

£300 per day


Has the best balance between speed, accuracy and cost, commonly being used in formal settings where complex topics and issues are being discussed. Ideal for high-level meetings, negotiations, technical demos, presentations, workshops and seminars.

Prices start from

£550 per day


The most difficult and strenuous type of interpreting; requiring specialist equipment and at least two interpreters working from a soundproof booth. Best suited for conferences with multiple speakers or where the speed and efficiency of simultaneous interpreting is desired.

Prices start from

£1500 per day

Why choose our interpreters?

Serica Consulting prides itself on hiring the best talent that China has to offer. Our rigorous recruitment practices, in-house assessments and on-the-job training ensure all our interpreters possess: –

  • Native Chinese speakers with a Bachelors in English from one of China’s top 10 universities.
  • A Masters in Interpreting from Britain and America’s most prestigious universities.
  • China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI) certificates. The highest accreditation for interpreting into and from Mandarin.
  • At least three years’ professional interpreting experience in a wide range of settings and industries.
  • The maturity and emotional intelligence to deal with delicate situations and sensitive subjects.
  • A high level of cultural literacy, allowing them to coach and guide clients on Chinese business culture and etiquette.

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