Chinese consumers are evolving. Young and affluent, savvy and middle-class, they have become the principal engine of growth for the global economy. Gone are the days when they were content with a product simply because it was ‘foreign’ and ‘expensive’. Today, much like their western counterparts, they expect brands to understand and meet their needs. But becoming part of the closed set of brands they consider is no easy feat. Combining cultural insights, strategic knowledge and boundless creativity we tell your story in a truly unique way creating impactful brand experiences that resonate. Chinese Branding

Our Process

  • 1

    Initial Consultation

    Gain a deep understanding of your brand, industry, employees, customers and competitors. Establish your short and long-term goals for the Chinese market.

  • 2

    Brand Audit

    Audit your existing brand with local consumers and stakeholders. The name and logo are checked to ensure they do not conjure any negative connotations and are not taken by any competitors.

  • 3

    Market Research

    Through a combination of market profiling, customer segmentation and competitor analysis, we determine how you can differentiate yourself and deliver value to your target market.

  • 4

    Strategy & Planning

    Define your brand’s personality, story, tone of voice and core value proposition. Then establish the right mix of touchpoints and communication channels.

  • 5

    Name Generation

    Develop a selection of Chinese names to choose from. Each name will clearly communicate your brand and vision in a way that resonates locally.

  • 6

    Visual Identity

    Create a unique Chinese typeface and incorporate it into your existing logo. Then, if necessary, localise different visual elements to ensure they interact positively with local consumers.

  • 7

    Marketing Collateral

    Bring your brand to life with visually stunning and intelligently designed marketing assets. We can design almost anything.

  • 8

    Brand Protection

    Receive direct assistance in trademarking your logo and copyrighting your name and slogans with the local authorities.

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