A unique and challenging career

At our foundation is a commitment to delivering value and lasting impact. To deliver this shared vision, we need the very best working among us. With our clients demanding results that are second to none, the personnel have to match.

Partnering with brands spanning the globe, from corporations to fledgling start-ups, we have to adapt to every distinct identity and vision that walks through our door. To meet those needs, we must be innovative, adventurous and never stand still. With creativity key to making a difference in business, we can offer an exciting path into a unique career, as we excel and grow together.

Diverse Opportunities

We are undergoing a period of rapid growth and are looking for talented and passionate people to fuel our expansion. 


Leading from the front, fueling your team with inspiration and motivation, you will be managing stakeholders around the globe while exceeding client expectations as part of our multinational leadership team. We have roles available in the UK, China and Brazil where the right candidates can make an immediate impact and add instant value.


Utilise your industry knowledge and experience and work closely with a range of departments to develop winning strategies that see clients bridge the cultural divide and grow their business. Maintaining inward and outward perspectives, you’ll use your ability to collaborate and develop the creative ideas to produce innovative solutions. 


Join our creative department of diligent designers, copywriters and web/app developers to work on unique and challenging projects. We don’t believe in tying you down to a desk with a 9-to-5 grind, but instead give you the freedom to create and innovate, enabling you to deliver outstanding results to our clients. 


Sinologists, copyeditors, translators and interpreters make up the beating heart of our company – without them we’d cease to operate. We pride ourselves on only hiring the very best, but those who come on board get to see their work flow through the veins of companies the world over. 


Sales, marketing and public relations talent is what drives our business forward. Charged with winning new clients for us, and driving the bottom line for those we’re working with, it’s a tenacious, competitive and sometimes intense role to take – but one that’s highly rewarding and profitable if you fit the bill. 


English and Chinese aren’t the only languages our staff are fluent in. Maybe you prefer PHP, C++, JAVA or HTML? Working with the latest tools from both regions digital ecosystems, you will develop unique solutions for our clients. We have plenty of puzzles for any analytical mind to bite into. 


People fuel our business, without them we hamstring our clients and are unable to grow. You will recruit talent from all over the world handing picking the best talent and bring their different cultures, knowledge and experience into our rapidly growing workforce. 


An internship with a difference, you’ll get the chance to make a lasting impact from your first day. We are always looking for talented interns who have the doggedness and determination to leave their comfort zone and succeed in a fast-paced international business.