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Connecting the world to China


A commercial landscape like no other

Unprecedented growth has catapulted China into the world’s second largest economy. With young and affluent middle-class consumers expected to outnumber the entire population of the US within the next five years, there has never been a better time to cement your position in this burgeoning market. But capitalising on these opportunities is fraught with risks and challenges. The language barrier, profound cultural and political differences, as well as contrasting professional practices, can make doing business in China intimidating even to the most experienced professionals.

How we help you

We provide unique strategies and solutions to companies looking to make their mark in China. Through a combination of strategy, coaching, advice and practical services – such as training, branding, marketing and translation – we give our clients the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to successfully navigate their way through this unfamiliar market.

Uniquely Qualified

From recruitment and training to internal systems and structure, we have intercultural communication woven right into our fabric in a truly unique way. This ethos has enabled us to build a culturally-unified team of experts fluent in both Chinese and western markets – a rarity even in the world’s largest companies. Their unique blend of experience, perspectives and expertise means we can deliver unique solutions that would simply be impossible without such a well-knitted unit.

Your perfect local partner

Offices in both regions. A talented team of western and Chinese consultants. Versatility within our services to meet your needs. Working relationships with local governments, SOE’s and private companies. We are exactly what you need to help you grow your business in China. business in China business in China

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Our Values

Business in China - About -Innovation

We are constantly striving to find better and smarter ways to meet our clients’ needs. So innovation is driven into every aspect of our company’s work. Encouraging our team to challenge established practices and explore new methods ensures we keep pace with fast-changing market conditions and ensure we are always delivering true value to our clients.

Business in China - Invest-In-People
Invest in people

One of our highest priorities is investing in our staff to ensure they are knowledgeable, proactive, friendly and able to meet clients’ needs. We provide our team with training and professional development opportunities from their first day, all the way to becoming leaders. Creating a dynamic, fun and safe environment helps everyone at Serica Consulting to flourish and achieve their full potential.

Business in China - Transparency

Establishing a relationship of trust and transparency is paramount to our approach. The opinions and judgments we provide are always objective, honest and in the best interests of our clients. We only take on new business if we are convinced that we can add value that exceeds our professional fees. We promise complete confidentiality and will never publicise our work without your explicit permission.

Work For Us

At our foundation is a commitment to delivering value and lasting impact. To deliver this shared vision, we need the very best working among us. With our clients demanding results that are second to none, the personnel have to match. Partnering with brands spanning the globe, from corporations to fledgling start-ups, we have to adapt to every distinct identity and vision that walks through our door. To meet those needs, we must be innovative, adventurous and never stand still. With creativity key to making a difference in business, we can offer an exciting path into a unique career, as we excel and grow together.