About Us

Connecting the world to China


We act as a bridge

Serica Consulting works with technology companies from around the world to develop their business in China. As your local partner and commercial arm we help you effectively navigate through the Chinese market, driving the value of your global business. 

Uniquely qualified

By weaving intercultural communication right into our fabric from the beginning, we have built an expert team of local and international consultants. Their combined knowledge, experience and resources, along with Serica’s extensive network and flexible models of cooperation enables us to help technology companies of all shapes and sizes succeed in China and beyond.

How we help you

Through a combination of strategy, deal-brokering, coaching, advice and practical tools – such as training, branding, marketing and localisation – we help you gain investment, develop strategic partnerships and win commercial contracts with local players to significantly accelerate your growth in the market. 

Who we work with

We typically work with advanced startups looking to pursue the next stage of their development; large established companies looking to make big moves in the market; and, occasionally, exciting early-stage startups provided they have unique technology, strong pedigree and a compelling vision they want to make a reality.

Are you ready for China?

Are you an ambitious and innovative company with a solution that suits the Chinese market? Do you have an open mind to adapt to new ways of thinking and working? Are you ready to take a flexible approach and make the bold (and fast) actions required to be successful here? If the answers are yes, then we would love to hear from you.

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Our Values

Business in China - About -Innovation

We are constantly striving to find better and smarter ways to meet our clients’ needs. So innovation is driven into every aspect of our company’s work. Encouraging our team to challenge established practices and explore new methods ensures we keep pace with fast-changing market conditions and ensure we are always delivering true value to our clients.

Strategy and Planning - Serica Consulting - Develop Local Partnerships
Invest in people

One of our highest priorities is investing in our team to ensure they are knowledgeable, proactive, and able to meet clients’ needs. We provide them with training and development opportunities from their first day, all the way to becoming leaders. Creating a dynamic, fun and safe environment helps everyone at Serica Consulting to flourish and achieve their full potential.

Business in China - Transparency

Establishing a relationship of trust and transparency is paramount to our approach. The opinions and judgments we provide are always objective, honest and in the best interests of our clients. We only take on new business if we are convinced that we can add significant value. We promise complete confidentiality and will never publicise our work with you without your explicit permission.

Work For Us

At Serica we believe that communication, passion and a shared vision is the catalyst for real change and lasting impact. Partnering with brands spanning the globe, from corporations to start-ups, we have to adapt to every distinct identity and vision that walks through our door. To meet those needs we must be innovative, adventurous and never stand still.

If you share our passion for cross-border innovation, investment and trade we can offer an exciting path into a truly unique and challenging career.