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02 June 2018

Baidu SEO – Seven Essential Tips

China largest search engine is a powerful marketing tool with a large range of functions to connect with consumers, build brand awareness and gain valuable leads. To take advantage of all Baidu has to offer, you must invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) if you are to succeed. This process is complex and full of pitfalls for even the most experienced SEO consultants. Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search engines operate in very similar fashion from one another. It is not uncommon to create one strategy, albeit a somewhat imperfect one, that would work on them all simultaneously.

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However, search engines tailored to a specific country tend to be optimised towards the local culture, language and preferences are often vary so far from the global norm that they require a completely different approach. Baidu is exactly such a case. To help you get the most from it, here are seven essential tips.

Host your website in China

Chinese cyberspace is tightly controlled by the government, which is often referred to as “The Great Firewall of China”. This means that every website hosted abroad must go through a filtering system before it can be accessed from within mainland China. This usually results in prolonged loading times, especially for websites that host high-resolution photos and videos. This, in turn, will result in a very high bounce rate. The only way to ensure fast loading speeds is to host your site from within mainland China. For companies unable to do this, remove any high-resolution content and any Google templates or banners to minimise these problems.

Make sure your site contains only permitted content

China severely restricts and monitors content that doesn’t abide by their strict regulations, using a sophisticated system to identify anything falling outside those boundaries. Those who breach these rules will have their website blocked, as well as facing a fine and potential legal repercussions. If your website is hosted outside of mainland China, ensure that it does not contain any content that would violate Chinese law. For companies who host their website from within mainland China, they must The obtain an Internet Content Provider (ICP) License before being allowed to publish. Baidu SEO

Ensure you have Chinese content

Aside from making your content accessible to the Chinese market, this is only the way to move through Baidu’s page rankings. Baidu naturally prioritises Simplified Chinese (not to be confused with Traditional Chinese) characters over Roman letters. Their algorithm is designed to address the unique nuances of the language. For example, most of the characters have multiple meanings, so the search engine must rely on context to identify the exact meaning of the keywords. International companies must either write the content from scratch or have their existing content localised and transcreated.

Avoid outbound links

Although outbound links are favoured by Google, they are not by Baidu, so you must try to keep them to a minimum. However, Baidu does strongly encourage internal links, so create multiple links between your own content to boost your results. Additionally, be extra careful not to link to any websites that have been punished for breaching Chinese content regulations or Baidu SEO rules.

Baidu places a greater emphasis on paid listings

Unlike Google, Baidu allows more than three paid listings to appear at the top of each search page. Traditionally, most first page results were paid search ads and attaining a first place ranking through organic SEO was not possible. Baidu is now moving towards Google’s model of displaying a mix of paid and organic search results. However, it is not always clear which is which.

Baidu SEO - Serica Consulting - Baidu Brandzone

Baidu has an excellent feature called BrandZone. It acts as a special dedicated area on the search page that displays the logo and short description of the best paying companies that are advertising for a specific keyword or phrase. The average click-through rate on Baidu Brand zone is between 50 and 80 percent. All the world’s biggest brands use this service and it should be a key consideration in your overall SEO strategy if you want to give your brand maximum exposure.

TIP: If you are conducting market research, you can use Brandzone to reveal who the main players are in any given industry. This can be very useful in complex and fragmented markets.

Results take time

Baidu’s search spiders are significantly slower than that of their western counterparts. Therefore, it usually takes more than double the time for the changes to take effect and boost your visibility. This can be really important if your campaign is time-sensitive, so be sure to plan accordingly. Baidu SEO

Link to Chinese Social Media
Baidu SEO - Serica Consulting - Chinese Social Media

Baidu, similarly to Google, has very high social media integration. So, linking to different social media accounts can provide a significant boost to your page ranking. China’s online ecosystem also has their own social media platforms; namely WeChat, Weibo and Youku. Therefore, the more content you share, and the more you engage with Chinese consumers, the better your overall results will be. Baidu SEO

No matter how you enter the Chinese market, having a strong online presence is essential for success. Navigating through Baidu’s unique ecosystem requires knowledge of the Chinese language, culture and consumer preferences. Companies are advised to employ local experts if they are serious about boosting their website’s visibility and overall brand recognition.